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  is one of the most environmentally friendly deck materials available.  Unlike wood surfaces, Trex requires no stains or sealants for protection and will not rot or deteriorate due to harsh weather. Trex decking provides the design freedom to give you the deck of your dreamsĖlike adding another outdoor room to the house. Itís available in five color options to suit any home style. Trex decking gives you peace of mind, because it is splinter-free and contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives. Resistance to moisture, insects and sunlight makes Trex decking the perfect choice for pools, hot tubs and spas. Splashes from the pool are not a problem--Trex has excellent traction, even when wet. As an added benefit of your Trex deck, you are helping the environment. Trex is made primarily with recycled plastic grocery bags, reclaimed pallet wrap and about half waste wood. So, donít forget to take your plastic.


Winchester Gray Trex




Trex, Saddle flavor is the newest Trex color. You can click on the sample picture to get a better look. Try clicking no the saddle flavor deck to.


           Trex, Saddle flavor








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