Water damage restoration is a major part of what we do at A-1 Construction. Water damage is usually caused by water penetrating the homes outer surfaces like the roof, windows, doors, siding, stucco, shower or a toilet over time. It only takes a little water each year to cause damage. The problem builds over time and you don’t even know it’s happening until the sheetrock falls of the wall of or you see termites. Termites love the damp rotting wood. Getting water damage repaired as soon as possible will save you money in the long run.

The damage below was caused by a plugged down spout and an open seam in the trim. The wood trim had twisted causing an opening for the water from the over flowing down spouts to penetrating the wall.

The damage: The corner 8″x8″ support posts are rotted badly as is the wall studs, beams and plywood.

As the stucco is removed more damage is revealed. The second 8″ x 8″ floor support beam is rotted and the window as been leaking causing the wall framing to rot out.

The repair:

The wall was opened and the window and rooted materials removed. The wall was reframed using pressure treated fir materials. The old window had been leaking and rotted because it was not properly wrapped. Below is the correct way to wrap a window. Starting with the bottom piece of bitchathane. Then comes the sides and the top piece is last while always paying close attention the the corners for a perfect seal.

We manufactured a piece of flashing to be installed before we applied the final layer of stucco to insure a great seal above the window.

On completion you can’t tell there was ever a problem. The stucco texture and paint is a perfect match and every one is happy.

Demo, framing, window installation, door repairs, deck repair, stucco repair and painting were performed by A-1 Construction. The sheetrock and hardwood floor were installed by other contractors that the home owner hired.