A-1 Construction Survey Responses

Thank you all for responding to this survey!

The following are verbatim customer responses from research that American Ratings Corporation conducted between May 2010 and June 2010. Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.

“Michael was referred to me by a friend. He really seemed to know what he was doing, he discussed everything he was going to do, and his work was great. I’ve had a lot of work done in the past, but Michael’s was by far the best work that’s been done.”

–Ms. C.

“He was clear about what he was going to do. He was here frequently to check on things. I liked that he emailed back and forth in response to my questions.”

–Carol O.

“They were on time, they did a good job, and they did it for a reasonable price.”

–Mr. B.

“They came in with a very clear plan. They worked with us. They were quick, efficient, and they amazed our neighbors. They did a really great job.”

–Mr. C.

“They were here on time, they were very friendly, and the job turned out as expected.”

–Mr. E.

“They are good at what they do, and they are efficient. I’ve never had any problems with them.”

–Mr. H.

“They are good at what they do, and they are efficient. I’ve never had any problems with them.”

–Mr. H.

“We liked Michael Quinlan. Without him, we wouldn’t have gotten the quality we wanted. He was very talented, and he responded to our requests very promptly. We were very happy with him.”

–Mrs. W.

“Michael Quinlan answered all of my questions. He was very organized, and he did the work effectively and efficiently. His crew was well trained.”

–Mrs. S.

“They did a good job, they were thorough, and they cleaned up well. They even did a few other little things that we didn’t expect them to do. We were extremely satisfied with their work.”

–Mr. S.

“They were quick. ”

–Mr. P.

“I haven’t had any problems with my roof yet.”

–Mr. O.

“They were attentive to my needs, and they seemed very customer focused.”

–Mr. L.

“I liked their professionalism and the quality of their service.”

–Mrs. Y.

“The quality of the work that they did”

–Mr. B.

“They are very professional, great contractors.”

–Mr. B.

“I was really satisfied with their work. They did a good job. ”

–Mr. C.

“I liked the quality of their work and their quickness. The crew was very professional and friendly.”

–Bob L.

“From what I remember, they did a good job. The fence is still standing. I haven’t had any problems with it. They did a good job.”

–Mr. M.

“They did a very efficient, detailed, and great job. It was done months ago, and everything is still good.”

–Mr. S.

“The speed in which they did it, their attention to detail, and their general friendliness, I would definitely recommend them.”

–Mr. W.

“I liked the quality of their work, the time it took them to do the work, and the information I received from them. They came right in and did a beautiful job. ”

–Mrs. G.

“I was very satisfied with their work. I felt they completed the job in record time. It was all very well done. I would recommend Michael Quinlan to anybody.”

–Mrs. O.

“I just liked the work that they did.”

–Mrs. P.

“They did what they said they were going to do. They were prompt and very easy to deal with.”

–Mrs. S.

“They were prompt, professional, and they did really good work.”

–Ms. G.

“The gentleman who came out was very customer friendly. The work was completed sooner than expected, and it still looks good today.”

–Ms. S.

“They are great. We love Michael. He is really knowledgeable and friendly. His crew is also very good. ”

–Patricia B.

“They did everything to my satisfaction.”

–Robert A.

“The efficiency with which they did the work, and they showed up on time. Their pricing was right. They were perfect for what I wanted to have done. I got what I wanted with pleasure.”

–Sue S.

“They did quality work, and they delivered what they said they would. I thought they were honest, and they did the job with integrity. They did a good job overall. I was happy with them. ”

–Tim M.

“It was done efficiently, on time, and within the budget. We had our deck done by them two years ago, and they did our fence last year.”

–Walt H.

“They were very quick to respond, and they did our estimate accurately and quickly. When we were ready to do the project, they were able to start it almost immediately. Overall, they did a great job. We had a fence project. ”

–Allison R.

“They did the job in one day. They did a great job.”

–Barbara C.

“I have used them a couple of times. They show up on time, and they do good work.”

–Bob G.

“His quality work, he did a great job on our fence.”

–Bruce F.

“They worked on a fence for us. They started and finished when they said they would. I think they may have finished everything in one day. The work was good, and from what I recall, they did a decent job on the clean-up too.”

–Dan S.

“Prompt, easy to work with, and they finished everything on schedule without any problems or issues.”

–Dennis G.

“They stuck to the estimate that they gave us, and they finished the job exactly as they said they would. We were happy with the quality of their work.”

–Donald F.

“The crew was good, and they finished on time.”

–Gary H.

“They did good work. They were clean and reasonable.”

–Jeff W.

“They were on time, and they finished the job quickly.”

–Joan V.

“They were prompt and efficient. The job was done right.”

–Joe D.

“They were prompt. They did the work within the budget, quickly, and as promised.”

–John L.

“They were very professional, they did what they said they would do, and we were satisfied.”

–Judy B.

“I spoke with the owner, Michael. He was very personable, he showed up on time, and completed the project to the specifications and price he stated in the beginning. ”

–Mr. E.

“We liked that Michael was always there when we called with questions. He was very responsive, and he did a great job.”

–Mr. G.

“They were on time, clean, and reasonably priced. The owner was incredible.”

–Mr. J.

“They were very prompt and easy to work with. The fence looks great. We were really satisfied with the quality of their work.”

–Mr. L.

“They were easy to work with. I really appreciated that they answered all of my questions when I called. They didn’t beat around the bush.”

–Mr. O.

“My mother has been using them for many years. They are reliable and timely. Their estimates are extremely thorough, and they are done in a timely fashion. ”

–Mr. Z.

“They were on time, efficient, and I didn’t have to keep my eye on them.”

–Mr. F.

“They totally did what they said they would do in the time they said they would do it in and as they advertised.”

–Mr. K.

“They were on time, they cleaned up, and they did a good job.”

–Mr. M.

“They were professional and courteous. Michael did a great job. They finished on time and without any problems.”

–Mrs. L.

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“They were on time, and they did the work quickly. It turned out great.”

–Mrs. P.

“Michael was very honest, and he stuck to his original estimate to the dot. He really helped me out.”

–Ms. G.

“Michael was amazing. He walked me through everything he was going to do. He gave me an honest estimate, and he always showed up on time. He didn’t leave a single nail here like the other guys did.”

–Ms. S.

“They were efficient and friendly. They got the job done on time. I thought they did a great job. Also, I thought their pricing was reasonable.”

–Ms. T.

“They did a very good job. They were efficient and fast.”

–Pam A.

“They did the job on time, the right way, and for a fair price. The deck is nice and solid. They also cleaned up after themselves.”

–Steve K.

“I liked the quality of their work, the people doing the work, and the look of the finished project. I’m going to use them again very soon.”

–Pati S.

“I got pretty good attention from them. They talked with me about the project ahead of time, explained what they were going to do, and gave me alternatives. They were flexible. They even did some extra work for me.”

–Don M.

“They were timely in their response, they did what they told me they were going to do, and the work proved to be satisfactory.”

–Fritz M.

“I thought they were prompt. They seemed to be on top of everything. They cleaned everything up pretty well when they were done. I was very happy with the job that they did on the fence.”

–Jerry S.

“They were very cooperative and helpful. When we made some changes, they were able to do everything that we wanted to have done. They did the work over the Thanksgiving holiday while we were out of town, and when we got back, it was done.”

–Jim S.

“I really liked their personal service. They were very nice.”

–Mrs. A.

“They really did an excellent job. They were very quick and friendly. The owner answered all of my questions and kept me updated.”

–Mrs. E.

“They were friendly, and they finished quickly.”

–Mrs. G.

“They were straightforward with us. They did a nice job. They were always on time, and they didn’t leave a mess.”

–Mrs. S.

“They came right away, the work was done very quickly, and the crew was mindful. They were mindful of my animals, which was very nice of them.”

–Mr. H.

“They were responsive, and they got the work done quickly.”

–Mr. R.

“They were prompt, clean, and timely.”

–Mr. S.

“The crew was very friendly. They met the budget, so we were satisfied.”

Mrs. L.

“They were very customer oriented, efficient, and they seemed like they knew what to do, without supervision.”

–Mrs. W.

“They were on time, and they finished quickly.”

–Ms. O.

“They did some fence work for me. They did a pretty nice job. They were on time and efficient. They finished it in one day.”

–Pete J.

“Their price was very reasonable.”

–Justin H.

“They were very straightforward and reasonable. They didn’t try to talk us out of what we wanted and into a bigger project. They really made the project doable for us. They were neat, and they cleaned up after themselves everyday.”

–Mr. Q.

“They were timely and efficient.”

–Mr. S.

“They finished on time.”

–Ricki G.

“The people were friendly.”

–Louise C.

“They did what they were supposed to do. They were here, they cleaned up, and they were reasonable.”


“They were nice and conscientious.”

–Barbara K.

“I didn’t have to constantly monitor them. I checked in with them twice a day and that was it.”

–Bill M.

“They showed up on time. The work was done quickly and well.”

–Bill S.

“They were on time, they cleaned up, and they were very professional. They did a good job.”

–Bob B.

“I liked his method of operation. He emailed me a contract that was broken down. I knew the cost, what I was paying for, and what I was getting. I was very satisfied with his company and the process. The fence was done in a couple of days.”

–Bob G.

“He was very personable, and he did a good job.”

–Craig L.

“They did their job quickly, and they started and finished it on time. They did what they were supposed to do without any problems, which was unusual.”

–Jerry O.

“Honesty in quoting his rates, and he was there when he said he would be. The final bill was the quoted amount.”

–Joan C.

“I’ve used a few different contractors, but Michael and his crew are very competitive. They do a good job for a reasonable price.”

–John N.

“Michael responded quickly. He did what he said he was going to do, and he did a good job. We had two fences that needed to be rebuilt. The one that Michael rebuilt still looks great.”

–Karen W.

“They were timely, and they were the lowest bidders. They were very conscientious when they did the work, and they cleaned up after themselves. They did a good job. I was pretty pleased with their service.”

–Linda G.

“They were here when they said they would be, their price was right, and they were very responsive. They did quality work. I received three strong recommendations from three of their clients.”

–Maryann N.

“I liked their professionalism, the way they approached the job, and the fact that they didn’t damage any of my property. They also listened to me and everything I had to say. They were very polite.”

–Michael Q.

“They were very easy to work with, straightforward, and timely. They did the job exactly how it was supposed to be done, and there was no running around.”

–Mr. B.