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Above: We shored up the deck, built Scaffolding, removed the old 5-1.2" x 13-1/3" 34' long glulam beam along with the two 6" x6" posts. We then replaced the old beam and posts and added column caps. The results are a deck that will last another twenty to thirty years. We also did the same thing all the way around the deck. Which wraps around three side of the property. The deck is over 22' off the ground at the back corner.

 If your deck needs new posts and beams. You have come to the right place. A-1 Construction have been replacing posts, beams, rotted joists and railings for over 25 years. 



Below: Here's a repair of a deck and railing. Most deck repairs involve dry rot. Does your deck need repairing? Need a new railing? A new post or beam?We can help!


This deck and railing had a bad case of dry rot . The rim joists and the 6"x10" support beam were in very bad shape. The railing was so rotted that it was not safe to lean on. This deck is 40' off the ground.

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Start to finish we are the best choice.

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