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   These are some of the most poplar fence style we build.


The fence below uses 6" x 6" con-heart redwood posts. The fence boards are set in a board on board fence style. Instead of lattice we use 1" x 2" clear green redwood in the 1' high screen. The gate is a custom gate that was built on site for the project.





The fence below is a real beauty. With 4"x 4" construction heart S4S redwood posts. The fence boards are also construction heart redwood set board on board. The 1' high lattice is square heavy duty framed in on all sides with 1" x1" redwood retainers. The bottom 40" of the posts are wrapped with Bituthene and then set 3' deep in concrete. To finish the look the posts are capped with redwood posts caps. Wow! now that is a beautiful fence. You can get this fence with diamond lattice if you prefer it.



(Bottom left) This is another very nice fence. If you are looking for an open design this fence has it. The fence uses two spaced 1" x2" redwood boards alternating with one spaced 1" x8" redwood fence board to give you the security of a fence with out the look of a wall. (Bottom right) The fence is capped with arbor to give it a extra touch of class.





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