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 At A-1 Construction we do waterproof decking. Waterproof decking is used whenever you don't what the space under the deck to get wet. The most common type of waterproof decking surface is Deck 70. Deck 70 is a proven waterproof surface that has been around for over 20 years.

 The deck below was not a waterproof deck before we started. Water was allowed to run through the deck down into the breezes way below. This caused the siding below to rot and to discolor.

 A new waterproof deck surface starts with the demo of the old deck surface and the siding. New 3/4" T&G plywood is screwed in place on top of ripped strips set to drain the water into the drain. The plywood is taped and sealed. Flashing is installed at the edges of the plywood. The flashing must run up the wall 6" behind the siding to be effective. In order for the door to be sealed a pan must be made and soldered.

 Deck 70 is a four coat process. After the third coat is applied a 30 mesh aggregate is broadcast into the wet elastomer. The fourth coat is the finish and color coat.

 You will notice that there is two drains in the deck below. The one on the right is up higher than the one on the right. It is an over flow drain. If the drain on the left gets clogged the drain on the right drains catches the overflow. That way the home will not get flooded.








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