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     Here is an example of a clear western red cedar deck from start to completion.


   Here we have a old, dry rotted deck.  That is so rotted it was not safe to walk on.



   The new replacement deck, in progress below, is being built of clear Western Red cedar. There will not be any visible      screws or nails in the deck boards. The framing is brown tone pressure treaded fir. With 2" x 8" joists set 16" on                  center, 4" x 10" support beams, 4" x 4" posts. The concrete footing are new with 1/2" steel rebar and wet set post bases.

When this back deck is finished, there are two more side decks around the right side of the house waiting for us to replace/

[In progress]


 Almost done, click on the photos below to see large version of the pictures below.

Completed! Wow, now that's living .



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